To raise the awareness and funds necessary
 to overcome pediatric brain tumors and to help
 the children and families affected by them.

Our Board

Executive Committee                         
Board of Directors
Medical Advisory Committee
Kelly Larson

Vice President
Kirsten Kincade

Carolyn Layton

Mark Durfee

Assistant Treasurer
Natalie Larson

Laura Forese  MD
Greg Larson
Jen Amerio
Carl Daniels
Kerry Bascio
Larry Cantor
Sean Duffy
Kerry Holder
Sue Kwon
Nathalie Lota
Kevin O’Shea
Julie Rice
Deborah Trachtenberg
Laura Forese, MD, MPH 
Ira Dunkel, MD
Neil Feldstein, MD
Jonathan Finlay, MD
James Garvin, MD
Stewart Goldman, MD
Theodore Moore, MD
Mark Souweidane, MD
Eileen Stark, MSN CPNP
Suzanne Wolden, MD

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